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馃摃 Conversaciones comunes en ingl茅s馃晵 Tiempo estimado: 3 minutos de lectura


Las conversaciones comunes en ingl茅s son fundamentales para establecer conexiones, socializar y comunicarse de manera efectiva en diversos contextos. En esta gu铆a gratuita , ampliaremos algunas conversaciones b谩sicas y las desarrollaremos para brindarte m谩s ejemplos y frases 煤tiles que te ayudar谩n a mejorar tus habilidades de comunicaci贸n en ingl茅s.

Conversaci贸n 1: En una cafeter铆a

Person A: Hi! Can I sit here? Person B: Of course! Feel free to join me. Person A: Thank you. It’s a nice caf茅, isn’t it? Person B: Yes, I come here often. They have great coffee and pastries. Person A: I’ll have to try their pastries next time. What do you recommend? Person B: The chocolate croissant is my favorite. You should give it a try. Person A: Sounds delicious. I’ll definitely order that. So, do you come here to work or just relax? Person B: I usually come here to work on my laptop. It’s a cozy and quiet place. Person A: That’s nice. I like finding places like this to focus on my work too. Person B: It’s definitely a great spot. Enjoy your time here!

Conversaci贸n 2: En una tienda de ropa

Person A: Excuse me, can you help me find a shirt in my size? Person B: Of course, what size are you looking for? Person A: I’m usually a medium, but I’m not sure if these shirts run small or large. Person B: These shirts tend to run true to size. Let me show you some options. Person A: Thank you. I’m looking for something casual but stylish. Person B: How about this one? It’s a classic button-down shirt that goes well with jeans. Person A: That looks perfect. Can I try it on? Person B: Of course, the fitting rooms are right over there. Person A: Great, I’ll give it a try. By the way, do you have any ongoing sales or promotions? Person B: Yes, we currently have a buy-one-get-one-half-off promotion on selected items. Person A: That’s a great deal. I might find another shirt to take advantage of that. Thank you for your help! Person B: You’re welcome. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Conversaci贸n 3: En una reuni贸n social

Person A: Hi, I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Alex. Person B: Nice to meet you, Alex. I’m Sarah. How did you hear about this event? Person A: A friend of mine invited me. How about you, Sarah? Person B: I found out about it through social media. It seems like a fun gathering. Person A: Yes, it’s always great to meet new people and expand our social circle. Person B: Absolutely. So, what do you do for a living, Alex? Person A: I work as a graphic designer. How about you, Sarah? Person B: I’m a marketing manager for a tech company. It’s an interesting field. Person A: That’s fascinating. I’ve always been interested in marketing strategies. Person B: We should definitely chat more about it. Let’s exchange contact information. Person A: Sounds good. Here’s my business card. It was nice meeting you, Sarah. Person B: Likewise, Alex. Enjoy the rest of the event!

Recapitulaci贸n :

Al desarrollar estas conversaciones comunes en ingl茅s, hemos proporcionado ejemplos m谩s detallados y ampliados para ayudarte a comprender mejor c贸mo se desarrollan las interacciones en diferentes situaciones. Es importante resaltar en esta gu铆a de LA ACADEMIA 馃鈽 practicar estas conversaciones en situaciones reales y adapta las frases a tu propio estilo y personalidad. Cuanto m谩s te familiarices con este tipo de di谩logos, m谩s confianza ganar谩s en tus habilidades de comunicaci贸n en ingl茅s.

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